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The House of Shudders

‘A powerful read … I was gripped until the very end.’
—Romi Sharp, Books on Tour

A bastard, a shame, a national disgrace. A child thrust into a world of gassings, lethal injections, brutality, torture and murder. The House of Shudders is one woman’s incredible struggle to survive the unimaginable. Yet, even down in the truest depth of despair… hope survives.

The daughter of a German mother and Black French soldier, Ingrid’s colour has always ostracised her in the community. As the rise of Hitler and his barbaric racial cleansing policies intensifies the hatred and prejudice rises to a frightening level and the horrors Ingrid must endure have only just begun.

Ingrid is declared ‘useless’—a scourge to Germany—and an ‘undesirable’. She is forcibly sterilised and sent to Hadamar, an institution for the mentally and physically disabled—a place the locals call ‘The House of Shudders’—a place that is far more sinister than she could imagine. Desperate to survive and protect others around her, Ingrid seeks the help of a charming Aryan doctor. Can he be her protector? Or will Johan, a wounded German soldier, be her only source of hope?

Inspired by true events, this is the powerful story of a young woman’s quest to overcome hatred, to survive, and ultimately to bring her tormentors to justice.

Powerful and gripping The House of Shudders is a novel from historian and true crime author Jason K Foster.

Out 9 July from Big Sky Publishing—distributed by Simon & Schuster.

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