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ASA advises authors to send takedown notices to Internet Archive

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The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has condemned the activities of the Internet Archive’s Open Library in its unlicensed lending of scanned copies of physical books and is advising authors to contact the Internet Archive and request the removal of their titles from the Library.

The ASA’s advice follows a response from the Internet Archive to the ASA’s open letter on the Archive’s activities, written in conjunction with the Society of Authors in the UK and the Authors Guild in the US. In response to the letter, the Internet Archive told the ASA that it would prefer to work directly with individual authors, and invites authors to contact it with any complaints.

The ASA encourages authors to search the Open Library for their titles, send an email to info@archive.org requesting their removal, and inform their publisher.

This news story first appeared in Books+Publishing on 14 February 2019. Books+Publishing is Australia’s leading source of print and digital news about the book industry, keeping subscribers up to date with the latest industry news, announcements, job advertisements, events, trends and more.

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