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Three young women disappear from outside the Autostrada nightclub in the Perth suburb of Claremont. Two decades later, in the tropical town of Broome, the disappearance of a mining magnate’s daughter and a spate of local thefts put Snowy Lane and Detective Inspector Dan Clement back on the trail of a notorious serial killer.

A gripping new novel from last year’s winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Fiction.

Clear to the Horizon About the book

In the late 1990s, Dave Warner’s City of Light featured the knockabout ex-footy-playing Constable Snowy Lane who went on to finally crack the Mr Gruesome serial-killer case haunting Perth. In 2015, Dave Warner published Before It Breaks, a Broome crime novel featuring DI Dan Clement who worked his way through a complex international mystery to nail an elusive killer.

Now Snowy Lane and Dan Clement team up together in the search for a missing girl that will put them on the track of a cold-case killer who, in 1999 and 2000, abducted three young women from the Perth suburb of Claremont. Set in Broome and the gorges and watering holes of the North-West, as well as in the leafy western suburbs of Perth, Clear to the Horizon is a nail-biting Aussie thriller.

Clear to the Horizon
Publication: November 2017
Category: Crime fiction
Format: C-format pb
ISBN: 9781925164459
RRP: $29.99


Dave Warner About the author

Dave Warner is an author, musician and screenwriter. His first novel, City of Light, won the Western Australian Premier’s Book Award for Fiction, and his seventh novel, Before It Breaks, won the Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Fiction. He has also authored six non-fiction titles and a successful series of children’s novels. Once nominated by Bob Dylan as his favourite Australian music artist, Dave Warner originally came to national prominence with his gold album Mug’s Game. In 2017 he released his tenth album, When. He has been named a Western Australian State Living Treasure and has been inducted into the WAMi Rock’n’Roll of Renown.


Interview with the author

What was your motivation in telling this story? What is the relationship of your work of fiction to the actual Claremont serial killings?

For a long time I had resisted the idea of doing anything that used the Claremont serial killings as a touchstone, although it was clear that no case since Eric Cooke had so affected the psyche of the city. However, a few years ago I was visited in Sydney by cold-case detectives on that case who said some people had actually nominated me as a suspect! This made the case personal, and with twenty years passed and still no apparent progress, I thought it a good time to dive into a novel that could use that emotional connection I had with the case, and that resonated with the city where I grew up.

I was looking to write about the effect that such a terrible case has on those connected to the victims and those who investigate, and those who live in the city. As I have done before (City of LightBig Bad Blood) I began to make up a fictional story that grabbed bits and pieces of known real events. Remarkably, it appears that one of the earlier crimes I chose to make the cornerstone of Snowy’s case in this novel, actually may well be a factor in the real case. Snowy’s detective nose was correct. That being said, I have no more knowledge of anything about the real case than anybody else who has read news reports.

This is not a book about the Claremont serial killings and I hope that it will be read by many, many people who have no knowledge of the real events. This is a fictional novel with a focus on how a terrible crime affects us all and what it makes us consider about our own humanity and the world in which we live.

What were the challenges in using, as a springboard, a story that has such a strong connection to one aspect of this state’s identity?

The biggest challenge is to write a novel that communicates the intensity of the effect of this crime on anybody touched by it, without it being about that crime; to transfer the visceral reaction we have to something that is real into a work of fiction.


Meet the author


Clear to the Horizon Praise for Dave Warner’s Before It Breaks

‘Gripping.’—Herald Sun

‘A brilliantly handled, complex mystery.’Good Reading

‘Warner’s tone is laid-back and laconic, but with sentences as snappy as a nutcracker.’Books+Publishing

‘As Australian as a Tim Tam, this is fine descriptive writing that conveys both the searing heat and vast distances of the Outback.’Adelaide Advertiser

‘A great read!’Launceston Examiner

‘Gratuitously gripping.’Courier Mail

‘Put on your raincoat and hang onto your book—it’s a wild ride.’Readings Monthly

‘Ripper read.’—Crime Factory

‘The most Nordic-noir Australian crime novel I’ve read.’The Age


Sample chapter

Read an excerpt here.


Reading copy giveaway

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