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From bestselling author ANH DO comes an epic new universe of adventure

Get ready for a new set of heroes. Meet the Mythix—the Golden Unicorn, the Minotaur and the Griffin—three young teenage heroes united by a common purpose to battle a deep evil with ancient magic. The action-packed adventure begins in Golden Unicorn, the first book in Anh Do’s thrilling new Rise of the Mythix series. When evil reigns, heroes must rise—but will the greatest creatures of mythology return when the world most desperately needs them?


About the book

Golden Unicorn: Rise of the Mythix 1
Anh Do, Allen & Unwin, October 2019

Some heroes are legends. Some legends are real. 

The tyrant known as the Soul Collector hunts down anything that is beautiful, unusual or unique.

Kelly Swift is trying hard to be an average teenager, to fit in. But every day her powers are growing: she can run faster than the wind, she can hear people’s thoughts, she is not normal.

When her mother is taken by the Soul Collector, Kelly can’t linger in the shadows any longer. But who is she really? Can she be the one in the prophecy? Is she … the Golden Unicorn?

The Golden Unicorn, the Minotaur and the Griffin—
Only these three united to a common purpose
can fell him who seeks to triumph over all …


Watch Anh Do talk about Golden Unicorn: Rise of the Mythix 1


What younger readers are saying about ‘Golden Unicorn’

Golden Unicorn is a thrilling read, definitely my favourite book this year. Anh Do has created an exciting new world, and I can’t wait for the rise of the heroes and their battles against the Soul Collector, who is an amazing fictional villain. Thank you Anh Do for writing this book and I can’t wait for the next one!’—Madeleine, age 12

‘This book is imaginative and action packed. The characters, especially Kelly and The Soul Collector, are super original. My favourite part of the book was the ending because it leaves you in suspense. This was such a great story I couldn’t tear my eyes away.’—Ruby, age 11

‘I can’t stop reading. Hurry up and write the second book.’—Morris, age 9

‘I was hooked from the beginning and stayed up all night reading. Anh Do conjures up an alternative and tangible reality that illustrates what happens when greed drives people to take power and how technology can be usurped to control people’s lives and monitor their every move. He leaves us on a cliff edge eagerly awaiting the next book in the series and wondering if the tyranny of The Collector’s reign will ever end.’—Elliott, age 11

‘Definitely a page turner, I couldn’t put it down.’—Eva, age 12

‘A pacy and well-written read.’—Max, age 11

‘Magnificent, exciting and scary. I loved it, and I can’t wait to read the next one.’—Maya, age 9

‘Golden Unicorn is an amazingly good book. I loved the writing, the illustrations and all the mystery and tension—you just don’t know what will happen next.’—Lucinda, age 8


About Anh Do

Anh Do is one of Australia’s best-loved storytellers. His junior fiction series WeirDo, Hotdog! and Ninja Kid are adored by millions of kids around the country, having sold in excess of 2.5 million books. 

In his new series Wolf Girl and Rise of the Mythix, Anh brings his talent for break-neck plots and brilliant, relatable characters to a slightly older audience.



Read an extract from Golden Unicorn: Rise of the Mythix 1 here.


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