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Sometimes a book crosses your desk before you knew you needed it. Nothing is timelier than The Morbids, a sparkling debut that deals with the struggles of wanting to travel when you can’t, the anxieties of trying to live life when you feel like you’re barely surviving, and the loves and friendships which remind us that all anyone needs is a little kindness. The Morbids has quickly become a staff favourite at A&U, with love pouring in from around the office and the country. Caitlin’s story is universal and life-affirming and we urge you to spend a delightful few hours with her and the rest of the Morbids.

Kelly Fagan, Publisher



From our staff

The Morbids reminds us that even though we’re all on different boats, we’re often all in the same storm. Breathtakingly sad at times but full of laughter and joy, it’s a novel about the breadth and universality of life’s challenges and is a comforting reminder that kindness, empathy and love are the keys to human connection.
Matt Hoy, Group Sales Director

The Morbids is a truly special novel. Ewa masterfully illustrates how kindness, awareness, patience and understanding can have a crucial impact on somebody’s life. Everybody needs a friend like Lina, who shows just how important real friendship is.
Karen-Maree Griffiths, Head of Field Sales & Trade Marketing

Don’t let the title fool you – The Morbids is anything but grim. In fact, it’s a funny and hopeful story about overcoming fear and learning to start living.

Caitlin is such a wonderfully flawed yet lovable heroine, I tore through this novel determined not to stop until I knew she’d found her way.

The Morbids is the book I’d recommend to anyone who’s had a bit too much on their mind and needs a reminder that there’s still a lot of fun to be had, even in 2020.
Sarah Barrett, Senior Marketing Manager

The Morbids is one of the best novels I have ever read. Uplifting and honest, Caitlin’s story reminds us that life is an adventure worth living, that no person is an island, and that love and relationships between friends are just as—or more—powerful and healing as our romantic relationships. This book is for anyone who has been afraid or had reservations or uncertainties about what they want in life and how they’re going to get there.
Samantha Mansell, Publishing Assistant

I will not soon forget Caitlin, Lina and The Morbids. Ewa’s depiction of anxiety is so accurate you feel everything Caitlin feels almost before she does. Long lasting and profound friendships are the result of empathy, kindness and forgiveness, even when none of those things seem like logical reactions to someone’s behaviour. Ewa shows us just how life-affirming and life-saving friendship can be.
Isabelle O’Brien, Senior Publicist

Instantly drawn into Caitlin’s world, I found my heart racing and anxiety levels rising alongside hers. I experienced her joy, her disappointments and her incredible friendship with Lina as if it was happening to me. The Morbids is such a special novel that shows just how precious and important friendships are.
Fleur Hamilton, Marketing Director

The Morbids gives you a great insight into the world of a young woman suffering from anxiety. It’s thoughtful and beautifully written and centres around the strong friendship between the main character and her BFF. It’s that friendship which helps her to heal, and of course a little love interest on the side always helps!
Justine Kropman, Account Manager NSW

The Morbids is beautifully written and paced. It is sad, breathless and romantic, as well as anxiety inducing and wildly happy all in one amazing ride. Ewa gives us tantalising hints of a backstory whilst keeping the emotional reveal for the perfect ending.
Michelle Ashman, Account Manager NSW

The Morbids is one of those rare books that really does hurl you through the highs and lows of a genuinely challenging life. The voice is always authentic, and the reader is completely with the protagonist as she navigates terror, joy and, ultimately, acceptance.
Liz Christie, Account Manager SA

An impressive debut novel with a troubled, quirky main protagonist. Ewa’s writing is so descriptive, just brilliant—a must read.
Lisa Watkins Account Manager VIC

Having a young relative who suffers anxiety, for me The Morbids was a real eye-opener into the inner thinking of someone who is suffering and not wanting to tell anyone. I found Caitlin’s voice true to what is going on in their life. A shout-out to Caitlin’s best friend, Lina, who does not give up on her and makes you realise how important it is to have someone in your life who does not walk away when the going gets tough. Caitlin in her journey does find love and a way through, dealing with her deepest, darkest thoughts.
Maria Tsiakopoulos, Account Manager VIC

I really enjoyed The Morbids. The description of the mechanics of anxiety were oh so real, and her slide into breakdown reminded me of reading Your Own Kind of Girl. But at its heart, The Morbids is a love story. It’s about how we’re all broken, in one way or another, and it how that doesn’t disqualify us from worth, or from real with others.
Christiana Szczerba, Account Manager TAS

The Morbids is a compelling story of one woman’s journey through trauma and anxiety. Before you know it, you’re right with Caitlin, seeing all that comes along with finding a way through the landscape of recovery. An absorbing novel that captivates the reader and keeps them thinking long after it is finished.
Angela Stannard, Account Manager WA

Caitlin could be you or me. When an incident totally out of her control changes Caitlin’s life, she cannot see how her life can continue as she knew it, and for a long time it doesn’t. Ewa Ramsey beautifully portrays a character struggling with life, but desperate to get back to the life she once knew. This is a book that will give hope to many and also show the reader the struggles that anxiety sufferers deal with every day.
Louise Pearce, Account Manager

Who would have thought that a book about death anxiety could be such an enjoyable and uplifting book, but Ewa Ramsey’s The Morbids is just that. In it she manages to convey what it’s actually like to suffer anxiety on a daily basis and how hard it is to actually keep living when all you can think about is how you’re going to die, but she also shows that sometimes with lots of courage and determination and the love and support of friends it is possible. At times heartbreakingly sad, whilst at others laugh out loud funny, this book was such a joy to read.
Deb Savage, Account Manager QLD

The Morbids is a compelling and intimate story of invisible inner-struggle and heartbreak. Ewa Ramsey portrays the debilitating effects of anxiety and obsession with brilliant empathy and insight in the character of Caitlin. The Morbids is a welcome companion, especially in the current climate, as it shows how we cope with uncertainty and find strength through human connections.
Emily Ralph, Marketing Assistant



A story of friendship, love and what it means to truly live when, sometimes, it may seem easier not to.

Caitlin is convinced she’s going to die.

Two years ago she was a normal twenty-something with a blossoming career and a plan to go travelling with her best friend, until a car accident left her with a deep, unshakable understanding that she’s only alive by mistake.

Caitlin deals with these thoughts by throwing herself into work, self-medicating with alcohol, and attending a support group for people with death-related anxiety, informally known as The Morbids.

But when her best friend announces she’s getting married in Bali, and she meets a handsome doctor named Tom, Caitlin must overcome her fear of death and learn to start living again.

Beautiful, funny, and universally relatable, this story of hidden loneliness and the power of compassion and companionship reminds us that life is an adventure truly worth living.



Ewa Ramsey is an emerging writer and arts administrator based in Newcastle, New South Wales. She has presented short fiction at the National Young Writers Festival, won a commendation in the Newcastle Short Story Award, and been a finalist in the Newcastle Herald Short Story Competition. Ewa has also written for PC&Tech Authority, and worked as an editorial assistant and pop-culture writer and reviewer for Atomic Magazine. She is currently Operations Manager for the Newcastle Writers Festival and on the board of the National Young Writers Festival.




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