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Don’t miss out on these Australia Reads special releases available November 2020, $2.99 each.


Frankie Fish and the Tomb of Tomfoolery

When Frankie and Drew get in an argument about how ancient Egyptians really walked, there’s only one way to set the record straight: a quick time-travel adventure! But what happens when Frankie and Drew’s precious Sonic Suitcase ends up buried inside a booby-trap-ridden pyramid? There’s only one way to get it back – by going inside and hoping they can make it out again…

It’s a DANGEROUSLY EXCITING special adventure to celebrate Australia Reads, from favourite comedian and beloved children’s author Peter Helliar!

Title: Frankie Fish and the Tomb of Tomfoolery
Author: Peter Helliar
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont
Release month: November 2020


Tashi and the Stolen Forest

In this Australia Reads exclusive story, can Tashi use Much-to-Learn’s spell to outsmart the Wicked Baron and stop the old forest from disappearing?

‘Why, that interfering little worm, someone ought to step on him!’ the Baron hissed to Tiki Pu. I guessed he was talking about me. ‘Well, never mind if he blabs about the wood,’ he added, cheering up. ‘I’ll just lie, and say I had nothing to do with it. You, however, must pay Much-to-Learn a visit. Steal his secret spell.’

Jack loved it when Tashi told his stories. Today Tashi was telling about the time the old forest disappeared, and Much-to-Learn was in danger of disappearing with it! And then the whole village was threatened … Could magic sand and a certain spell help save them all? Only someone as clever as Tashi could find a way to outwit the Baron – and solve the mystery of the disappearing trees.

Tashi was first published in 1995 and has now achieved classic status with sales of over one million copies!

Title: Tashi and the Stolen Forest
Author: Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, Illustrated by Kim Gamble
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Release month: November 2020


Kensy and Max: Spy Games

Kensy and Max have a new mission – to win the Pharos Trainee Spy Games! But there can only be one champion . . .

The annual Pharos Trainee Spy Games competition is being held at Alexandria and Kensy and Max can’t wait to participate – and win! The challenges include an obstacle course, driving races, extreme parkour, coding and the big one – a treasure hunt, full of danger and intrigue. The prizes for the games are legendary, and with only one champion, the twins are forced to go head to head.

When the stakes are raised with news of a saboteur in their midst, Kensy and Max must put all their spy skills to the test. Who is the double agent? And which of the trainee spies has what it takes to emerge victorious?

A special Kensy and Max story for Australia Reads.

Title: Kensy and Max: Spy Games
Author: Jacqueline Harvey
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Release month: November 2020


The Greatest Hit

When you love somebody, you have to sing it from the rooftops, literally. But can Tessa reveal the truth behind the viral music video that made her internet-famous?

People look at Tessa and see her biggest mistake. While everyone else her age is taking their bold first steps into adulthood, she’s just trying to outrun a song that went viral when she was fourteen.
But now – an opportunity. A profile as one of The Five Most Forgettable Internet Celebrities of the Decade So Far gives her the chance to right a wrong, and the courage to sing her greatest hit as it was originally written. But will it be enough to win back the person she hurt?

An exclusive story for Australia Reads from one of Australia’s leading YA writers.

Title: The Greatest Hit
Author: Will Kostakis
Publisher: Hachette
Release month: November 2020


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