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About the book

The author of the bestselling The Hunted returns with another unmissable, white-knuckle, gritty urban suspense thriller: think Jack Reacher meets John Wick in a high-octane, high-speed chase on the dark streets of Melbourne.

A young woman is hiding out in a sleepy North Queensland tourist town, trying to stay under the radar, when she stumbles across a dangerous drug cartel. Anyone else might back away shaking their head, pretend they hadn’t seen anything, keep quiet, even though people are getting hurt. But Maggie is no ordinary girl. She’s got skills, as well as plenty of secrets to keep, burdens to carry – and anger to burn.

When circumstances mean that she has to get out of town – fast – she heads towards Melbourne, where she just might find the answers that she needs – answers about her family and who she really is. With a bent cop for a dubious ally, the police tracking her and furious bikers on her trail, Maggie is in deep trouble. She’s only got her ingenuity and wits on her side – and a determination not to inherit the sins of her father.

A powerhouse, fast-paced, high adrenalin and tense thriller from Gabriel Bergmoser, author of the critically acclaimed bestselling outback noir The Hunted.



About the author

Gabriel Bergmoser is an award-winning Melbourne-based author and playwright. He won the prestigious Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award in 2015, was nominated for the 2017 Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing and went on to win several awards at the 2017 VDL One Act Play Festival circuit. In 2016 his first young adult novel, Boone Shepard, was shortlisted for the Readings Young Adult Prize. His first novel for adults, The Hunted (HarperCollins, 2020) is a bestseller and a film adaptation of The Hunted is currently being developed in a joint production between Stampede Ventures and Vertigo entertainment in Los Angeles.



From the publisher

Gabriel Bergmoser’s gritty, dark outback thriller, The Hunted, came revving out of the blocks and blasted readers away in 2020, achieving sales of over 18K in less than a year. The novel was fast, furious, filmic – and unputdownable.  Now, in 2021, Gabriel is returning with another tight, twisty and relentless powerhouse thriller, The Inheritance. I always saw Maggie from The Hunted as an intriguing, tightly coiled character with a fistful of secrets – and all the potential to go on to more books, rather like Lee Child’s protagonist, Jack Reacher. And so I was delighted when Gabe told me that Maggie is also the lead in this new novel.

The Inheritance is a sequel of sorts to The Hunted, but absolutely can be read as a standalone. But this time, the action has shifted from the outback to an urban setting: think John Wick in the dark backstreets and seamy alleyways of Melbourne, as Maggie is on the run, desperately hunting for clues to her mother’s whereabouts, trying to shake off the ghosts of her past, and all the while trying to evade bent police and biker gangs out for her blood. Fast, frantic, visceral, thrilling – and the twists just keep coming. It’s another brilliant noir thriller that you’ll stay up all night to read.

—Catherine Milne


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