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Olive wants to get in on the act . . . Any act!

For fans of Raina Telgemeier comes the first book in the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series about friendship and finding where you ‘click’.


Olive ‘clicks’ with everyone in the fifth grade—until one day she doesn’t. When a school variety show leaves Olive stranded without an act to join, she begins to panic, wondering why all her friends have already formed their own groups . . . without her. With the performance drawing closer by the minute, will Olive be able to find her own place in the show before the curtain comes up?

A heartfelt and insightful story about navigating friendships, leaning on family, and learning to take the stage in the most important role of all.


Kayla Miller is a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator living and working in New York. They have a BFA in illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. When not busy working on graphic novels, Kayla enjoys watching bad movies, trying to cook new recipes, playing games (both board and video), and reading other people’s graphic novels.


  • My hair has been pink, purple, blue, black, red, and green … but it’s naturally brown.
  • I’ve never played D&D as a character who couldn’t do magic. I alternate between playing as Clerics and Wizards.
  • I didn’t always want to be a cartoonist. Growing up, I wanted to be a paranormal investigator with a specialty in ghosts and aliens … and, presumably, ghosts of aliens.
  • My favorite meal is breakfast! I love how breakfast can combine sweet and savory and spicy all on one plate—or even inside of a single sandwich!
  • It took me a very long time to learn how to whistle and I’m still not very good at it.
  • I really like Scooby-Doo. My dream job would be writing and illustrating a Scooby-Doo graphic novel.

We’ve had a few of our own Walker kids read and review the book for us!

Nine-year-old Lila says she loves the book ‘because the problem is normal because there is one group and another that wants to play with you at the same time and you don’t want to make any one sad or angry’.

Tully, also nine, says what she loves most about Click is that ‘it feels like real life and not fantasy. It’s like me and my friends and sometimes I feel like Olive does. I love the idea she comes up with at the end because it’s really original and not what you would think. Ten stars!’

Eight-year-old Frankie drew us her review!


Would you fit in with the band geeks, the sporty kids, or like Olive, are you a bit of a mix?

Take our quiz and find out!



Kayla Miller

ISBN 9781760654870

RRP $17.99

Paperback Graphic Novel

Readers 8+

 Click takes to the stage on 6 October 2021

Illustrations © Kayla Miller





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