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Australians love birds – more than 100,000 people took part in the 2021 Aussie Backyard Bird Count. Yes, we are a nation of bird nerds, and these new bird books are certain to ruffle a few feathers!

The Compact Australian Bird Guide by Jeff Davies, Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin

An easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated quick identification guide to all bird species regularly occurring in Australia. The content has been carefully designed to provide the reader with key information to enable rapid identification of a bird, in a convenient size. It is based on the award-winning The Australian Bird Guide.

August 2022
ISBN 9781486312245
RRP $34.99

Feather and Brush: A History of Australian Bird Art by Penny Olsen

Explores the rich history of Australian bird art, featuring more than 400 images by 158 artists. Together they demonstrate the rich history of Australian bird art, as it evolved in Europe and Australia, and continues today, along with the trends and technologies of the times. This second edition includes new and revised chapters, and features about 200 new artworks, including some by Indigenous artists.

May 2022
ISBN 9781486314171
RRP $69.99

Swoop by Nicole Godwin and Susannah Crispe

A charming, cheeky kids picture book about a magpie with one very important job: KEEP THE EGGS SAFE! Why do magpies swoop and why do we have such a fascination with them? Discover more about these clever, cheeky and charming songbirds through this delightful children’s picture book.

September 2022
ISBN 9781486315697
RRP $24.99

Swifty: The Super-fast Parrot by Stephanie Owen Reeder and Astred Hicks

Fly with Swifty on the swift parrot’s challenging migration journey following the blossom trail. A captivating children’s picture book about the remarkable, but critically endangered, swift parrot – one of the fastest parrots in the world!

October 2022
ISBN 9781486315918
RRP $24.99

On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer: A Precious Australian Bird by Rohan Cleave and Julian Teh

The Plains-wanderer is unlike any other bird on Earth – it’s one of a kind! This unique, quirky and precious bird faces many threats as one of Australia’s most critically endangered bird species, but continues to survive against the odds. See how people are providing hope for their future in this gorgeously illustrated children’s picture book.

September 2022
ISBN 9781486314478
RRP $24.99

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