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Adult fiction

Canticle Creek (Adrian Hyland, Ultimo) 
The Long Weekend (Fiona Palmer, Hachette) 
Cold Coast (Robyn Mundy, Ultimo)
The Freedom of Birds (Stephanie Parkyn, A&U) 
The Last Woman in the World (Inga Simpson, Hachette) 
Devotion (Hannah Kent, Picador)  
Danged Black Thing (Eugen Bacon, Transit Lounge) 
Skimming Stones (Maria Papas, Fremantle Press) 
Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales (ed by Poppy Nwosu, Wakefield Press) 
The Younger Wife (Sally Hepworth, Macmillan) 

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Canticle Creek (Adrian Hyland, Ultimo) 

Released December 2021

When Daisy Baker’s body is discovered on her outback property the case appears to be straightforward. Daisy’s boyfriend Adam Lawson, new to the Victorian town of Canticle Creek from the Northern Territory, is named the killer. His body is found in a car crash a kilometre away while ‘escaping’ the crime scene, and the case… Read more

Most viewed adult fiction

  1. New Animal (Ella Baxter, A&U)
  2. Love Objects (Emily Maguire, A&U)
  3. The Women and the Girls (Laura Bloom, A&U)
  4. Echolalia (Briohny Doyle, Vintage)
  5. The Silent Listener (Lyn Yeowart, Viking)
  6. Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray (River of Dreams) (Anita Heiss, S&S)
  7. Love & Virtue (Diana Reid, Ultimo) 
  8. The Shut Ins (Katherine Brabon, A&U)
  9. Happy Hour (Jacquie Byron, A&U)
  10. Wild Abandon (Emily Bitto, A&U)  

Adult nonfiction

Buying and Selling the Poor: Inside Australia’s privatised welfare-to-work market (Siobhan O’Sullivan, Michael McGann & Mark Considine, SUP) 
Doing Politics: Writing on public life (Judith Brett, Text) 
Caught in the Act (Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act, Pantera Press) 
The One That Got Away: Travelling in the time of Covid (Ken Haley, Transit Lounge) 
Another Day in the Colony (Chelsea Watego, UQP) 
The Dancer: A biography for Philippa Cullen (Evelyn Juers, Giramondo)
Leaping into Waterfalls: The enigmatic Gillian Mears (Bernadette Brennan, A&U) 
Into the Rip (Damien Cave, Scribner)
My Friend Fox (Heidi Everett, Ultimo Press) 
Sold Down the River (Scott Hamilton & Stuart Kells, Text)

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Buying and Selling the Poor: Inside Australia’s privatised welfare-to-work market (Siobhan O’Sullivan, Michael McGann & Mark Considine, SUP) 

Released December 2021

When Paul Keating put elements of Australia’s ‘welfare to work’ system out to tender in the mid-1990s, he could scarcely have imagined the system we have in place today: one dominated by short-term contracts, employee churn, and for-profit and multinational corporations. Buying and Selling the Poor takes a rigorous but accessible look inside the ‘black… Read more

Most viewed adult nonfiction

  1. Who Gets to be Smart (Bri Lee, A&U)
  2. Buried Not Dead (Fiona McGregor, Giramondo)
  3. Coming of Age in the War on Terror (Randa Abdel-Fattah, NewSouth)
  4. The Nordic Edge: Policy possibilities for Australia (ed by Andrew Scott & Rod Campbell, MUP)
  5. Recipe for a Kinder Life (Annie Smithers, Thames & Hudson)
  6. Eating With My Mouth Open (Sam van Zweden, NewSouth)
  7. The Believer (Sarah Krasnostein, Text)
  8. No Document (Anwen Crawford, Giramondo)
  9. Dingo Bold: The life and death of K’gari dingoes (Rowena Lennox, Sydney University Press)
  10. Return to Uluru (Mark McKenna, Black Inc.)

Children's picture books

My First Book of Aussie Birds (Gordon Winch, illus by Stephen Pym, Catch a Star)
Wiradjuri Country (Larry Brandy, NLA Publishing)
Stellarphant (James Foley, Fremantle Press)  
The Boy and the Elephant (Freya Blackwood, HarperCollins)
Big Love (Megan Jacobson, illus by Beck Feiner, Walker Studio) 
Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day (Davina Bell, illus by Allison Colpoys, Scribble)
The Greatest Mistakes That Went Right (Maddy Mara, illus by Cheryl Orsini, Affirm Press)   
Norton and the Borrowing Bear (Gabriel Evans, Berbay)
A Duck Called Brian (Al Murphy, Scholastic) 
How to Make Friends: A Bear’s Guide (Cat Rabbit, Berbay) 

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My First Book of Aussie Birds (Gordon Winch, illus by Stephen Pym, Catch a Star)

Released December 2021

Bright and colourful, lively and engaging, lift-the-flap board book My First Book of Aussie Birds contains a magical menagerie of unique native birds waiting to be discovered by little hands. Much-loved author Gordon Winch, known for his humorous Australiana books such as Can You Find Me? and Koala Sees the World, delights with a new book that invites babies and toddlers to… Read more

Most viewed children's picture book

  1. Wonder Earth (Zanni Louise & Tiff Bollhorn, illus by Sophy Louise Smith, Five Mile)
  2. With a Little Kelp from Our Friends (Mathew Bate, illus by Liz Rowland, Thames & Hudson)
  3. Walking in Gagudju Country: Exploring the monsoon forest (Diane Lucas and Ben Tyler, illus by Emma Long, A&U Children’s)
  4. Main Abija My Grandad (Karen Rogers, A&U)
  5. Iceberg (Claire Saxby, illus by Jess Racklyeft, A&U)
  6. Common Wealth (Gregg Dreise, Scholastic)
  7. Bear and Rat (Christopher Cheng, illus by Stephen Michael King, Puffin)
  8. The Katha Chest (Radhiah Chowdhury, illus by Lavanya Naidu, A&U)
  9. A Human for Kingsley (Gabriel Evans, Little Hare)
  10. The Incredibly Busy Mind of Bowen Bartholomew Crisp (Paul Russell & Nicky Johnston, EK Books)

Younger readers

Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief (Katrina Nannestad, ABC Books)
Marcie Gill and the Caravan Park Cat (Monica McInerney, illus by Danny Snell, Puffin) 
The First Scientists (Corey Tutt, illus by Blak Douglas, Hardie Grant) 
My Brother Ben (Peter Carnavas, UQP) 
Dragon Skin (Karen Foxlee, A&U) 
Treasure in the Lake (Jason Pamment, A&U)
Let’s Eat Weeds! (Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb, illus by Evie Barrow, Scribble)
The Song of Lewis Carmichael (Sofie Laguna, illus by Marc McBride, A&U)
The School for Talking Pets (Kelli Anne Hawkins, illus by Beth Harvey, HarperCollins)
Devils in Danger (Samantha Wheeler, UQP)

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Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief (Katrina Nannestad, ABC Books)

Released November 2021

Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief is a historical novel for middle-grade readers set during WWII. Young Sasha lies in a hospital in Berlin, recovering after the end of the war. His recollections take the reader back to 1942, where a six-year-old Sasha lives in a picturesque village in rural Russia. After German soldiers burn his village to the… Read more

Most viewed younger readers

  1. Lola Online: #TheSecretUpstairsFanClubParty (Shannan & Tayla Stedman, Omnibus)
  2. Footprints on the Moon (Lorraine Marwood, UQP)
  3. Paws (Kate Foster, Walker Books)
  4. The Detective’s Guide to Ocean Travel (Nicki Greenberg, Affirm)
  5. The Edge of Thirteen (Nova Weetman, UQP)
  6. Fil & Harry (Jenny Blackford, illus by Kristin Devine, Christmas Press)
  7. Huda and Me (H Hayek, A&U)
  8. The Story of Australia: For the young (and the curious) (Don Watson, Black Inc.)
  9. You’ve Let Them In (Lois Murphy, Transit Lounge)
  10. Tish (Edwina Wyatt, illus by Odette Barberousse, Berbay)

Young adult

The Midnight Girls (Alicia Jasinska, Penguin) 
Terciel and Elinor (Garth Nix, A&U) 
How to Repaint a Life (Steven Herrick, UQP) 
Social Queue (Kay Kerr, Text)
Dark Rise (C S Pacat, A&U) 
self/less (AViVA, Macmillan) 
Anything But Fine (Tobias Madden, Penguin) 
Road Tripping with Pearl Nash (Poppy Nwosu, Wakefield)
Half My Luck (Samera Kamaleddine, HarperCollins)
Sugar Town Queens (Malla Nunn, A&U)

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The Midnight Girls (Alicia Jasinska, Penguin) 

Released December 2021

Alicia Jasinska’s The Midnight Girls will be eagerly devoured by fans of her dark fantasy YA debut The Dark Tide. In Lechija, a kingdom much like 18th-century Poland, three witches rely on their servant girls to bring them the pure hearts of princes that sustain them. With the kingdom at war and the two-month-long festive season of Karnawał… Read more

Most viewed young adult

  1. The Ghost Squad (Sophie Masson, MidnightSun)
  2. The Boy From the Mish (Gary Lonesborough, A&U)
  3. The Gaps (Leanne Hall, Text)
  4. Tiger Daughter (Rebecca Lim, A&U)
  5. Waking Romeo (Kathryn Barker, A&U)
  6. The Prison Healer (Lynette Noni, Penguin)
  7. Can’t Say it Went to Plan (Gabrielle Tozer, HarperCollins)
  8. 100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze (Clayton Zane Comber, HarperCollins)
  9. How to Repaint a Life (Steven Herrick, UQP) 
  10. Terciel and Elinor (Garth Nix, A&U) 

Recently released titles

Into the Rip (Damien Cave, Scribner)
Dragon Skin (Karen Foxlee, A&U) 
Love & Virtue (Diana Reid, Ultimo) 
self/less (AViVA, Macmillan) 
The Stoning (Peter Papathanasiou, Transit Lounge)
Out Here: An anthology of Takatāpui & LGBTQIA+ writers from Aotearoa (ed by Chris Tse & Emma Barnes, Auckland University Press)
Permafrost (S J Norman, UQP) 
Scary Monsters (Michelle de Kretser, A&U) 
Dark Rise (C S Pacat, A&U) 
How to Make Friends: A Bear’s Guide (Cat Rabbit, Berbay) 

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Into the Rip (Damien Cave, Scribner)

Released October 2021

Damien Cave’s Into the Rip considers how we calculate and cope with risk in Australia. As the first bureau chief of the New York Times Australian outpost, Cave leverages his journalistic point of view and Americanness to explore real and imagined dangers to our society, with examples ranging from the mundane (why we sit in the front… Read more

Most viewed reviews of all time

  1. Barracuda (Christos Tsiolkas, A&U)
  2. The Feather (Margaret Wild, illus by Freya Blackwood, Little Hare)
  3. Ten Doors Down: The story of an extraordinary adoption reunion (Robert Tickner, Scribe)
  4. The Medicine: A doctor’s notes (Karen Hitchcock, Black Inc.)
  5. Whisper (Lynette Noni, Pantera Press)
  6. Three (Stephen Michael King, Scholastic)
  7. Room on Our Rock (Kate and Jol Temple, illus by Terri Rose Baynton, Scholastic)
  8. Contest for the Indo-Pacific: Why China won’t map the future (Rory Medcalf, La Trobe University Press)
  9. Deadly Kerfuffle (Tony Martin, Affirm)
  10. Blueberries (Ellena Savage, Text)