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Doing Politics: Writing on public life (Judith Brett, Text) 

Released November 2021

The state of the humanities in Australia today fills Judith Brett with despair. If she had a child considering a liberal arts degree now, and she had the money, she... Read more

Caught in the Act (Shane Jenek aka Courtney Act, Pantera Press) 

Released November 2021

Shane Jenek’s drag queen alter ego Courtney Act has been in the public eye for almost 20 years, beginning with her groundbreaking appearance on the first series of Australian Idol. As... Read more

The One That Got Away: Travelling in the time of Covid (Ken Haley, Transit Lounge) 

Released November 2021

The One That Got Away documents journalist and travel writer Ken Haley’s year evading the pandemic. While many of us were kept in captivity as Covid-19 raged across the world,... Read more

Another Day in the Colony (Chelsea Watego, UQP) 

Released November 2021

Chelsea Watego’s debut essay collection Another Day in the Colony documents the sustained racism First Peoples suffer in this continent. Through critical race scholarship, memoir and archival imagery a powerful assemblage is... Read more

The Dancer: A biography for Philippa Cullen (Evelyn Juers, Giramondo)

Released October 2021

Dead in 1975 at 25 years old, the Australian avant-garde dancer, teacher and artist Philippa Cullen lived a tragically short life. And yet, at the time, her artistic activity cast... Read more

Leaping into Waterfalls: The enigmatic Gillian Mears (Bernadette Brennan, A&U) 

Released October 2021

Gillian Mears’s comparatively short life is truly a gift for the brave biographer. A fiction writer of immense talent, Mears received a bounty of accolades, grants and awards, but was... Read more

Into the Rip (Damien Cave, Scribner)

Released October 2021

Damien Cave’s Into the Rip considers how we calculate and cope with risk in Australia. As the first bureau chief of the New York Times Australian outpost, Cave leverages his journalistic point... Read more

My Friend Fox (Heidi Everett, Ultimo Press) 

Released September 2021

This memoir from mental health recovery advocate Heidi Everett is a thoroughly real and stunningly evocative retelling of her life as a person with diagnosed mental illness. Everett tells the... Read more

Sold Down the River (Scott Hamilton & Stuart Kells, Text)

Released September 2021

Once upon a time, Australian farmers traded thousands of megalitres of water for something as simple as a slab of beer. Then the economic mood changed. The 1980s brought political leaders... Read more

An Insider’s Plague Year (Peter Doherty, MUP)

Released August 2021

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty is one of the most well placed individuals to write a walk-through of the past year and a half of pandemic life. A Nobel Prize-winning immunologist... Read more