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The Snow Laundry (Mette Jakobsen, HarperCollins) 

Released July 2022

Ally, her boyfriend Bon, and hundreds of other homeless young people live together in a former hotel converted into a state-run laundry and kitchen. The new home is courtesy of... Read more

My Spare Heart (Jared Thomas, A&U)

Released June 2022

There’s a lot to unpack in this YA novel, which covers issues including alcoholism, climate change, divorce and racism. At the centre of it all is 17-year-old Phoebe. She is... Read more

The Museum of Broken Things (Lauren Draper, Text) 

Released June 2022

The concise opening of Lauren Draper’s debut YA novel immediately had me hooked: a new town, a mysterious statue and a curse all make for intriguing storylines. In The Museum... Read more

When Only One (Meg Gatland-Veness, Pantera) 

Released June 2022

Everything changes when Sam’s one-time best friend Emily appears outside his window for the first time in five years. He knows why she’s back and it isn’t good. The story... Read more

The Comedienne’s Guide To Pride (Hayli Thomson, HarperCollins) 

Released June 2022

The only phrase you’ll need to get this debut into the hands of avid YA readers will be ‘Sapphic rom-com’—but there’s a lot more to this novel that will capture... Read more

The Greatest Thing (Sarah Winifred Searle, A&U Children’s)

Released May 2022

The Greatest Thing is a graphic novel about friendship and self-actualisation, with a dash of queer romance. Semi-autobiographical in nature, it’s set in America in 2002 where Winifred (Searle) meets... Read more

Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending (Jodi McAlister, Wakefield) 

Released May 2022

Jodi McAlister, author of the young adult urban fantasy trilogy ‘Valentine’, draws on her academic study of romance fiction in her new YA novel Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending.... Read more

Unlimited Futures (ed by Rafeif Ismail & Ellen van Neerven, Fremantle Press) 

Released March 2022

Unlimited Futures is a YA anthology of sci-fi and speculative fiction edited by Rafeif Ismail and Ellen van Neerven. What makes it so different from other collections like it is... Read more

Growing Up in Flames (Zach Jones, Text)

Released March 2022

Zach Jones’s debut novel Growing Up in Flames is as gritty as bushfire ash. Written for a doctorate in creative writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast, the novel’s... Read more

Only a Monster (Vanessa Len, A&U)

Released February 2022

Joan is enjoying her summer in London with her eccentric family and dream job at the historic Holland House. After unexpectedly losing several hours out of her day after a... Read more