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Anything But Fine (Tobias Madden, Penguin) 

Released September 2021

Anything But Fine is the young adult debut of Tobias Madden, who works in publishing and is part of the #LoveOzYA community. Like his main character, Luca, Madden grew up... Read more

Road Tripping with Pearl Nash (Poppy Nwosu, Wakefield)

Released September 2021

Since her 2018 debut Making Friends with Alice Dyson, shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award and the Readings Young Adult Book Prize, Poppy Nwosu has been creating protagonists that are a... Read more

Half My Luck (Samera Kamaleddine, HarperCollins)

Released August 2021

The first winner of HarperCollins’ Matilda Children’s Literature Prize is a warm-hearted and authentic coming-of-age story about the impact of race and place on our sense of self and belonging.... Read more

Sugar Town Queens (Malla Nunn, A&U)

Released August 2021

Sugar Town Queens is a young adult coming-of-age novel by Malla Nunn, author of When the Ground is Hard. Her latest book follows 15-year-old Amandla, who is mixed-raced and growing... Read more

Girls in Boys’ Cars (Felicity Castagna, Pan)

Released August 2021

Felicity Castagna’s Girls in Boys’ Cars is not dissimilar to her Prime Minister’s Literary Award–winning young adult novel The Incredible Here and Now, which centres on a 15-year-old coming of... Read more

Henry Hamlet’s Heart (Rhiannon Wilde, UQP)

Released July 2021

Henry Hamlet lives in his head, and his head is full of worries—will he ever get a girlfriend and lose his virginity? Will he pass his year 12 exams? What... Read more

Echo in the Memory (Cameron Nunn, Walker Books)

Released June 2021

Cameron Nunn presents an ambitious work of historical fiction in his latest novel Echo in the Memory. Seamlessly telling the stories of two adolescents existing almost 200 years apart, the... Read more

100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze (Clayton Zane Comber, HarperCollins)

Released June 2021

Xander Maze’s best friend is his Nanna. When she is diagnosed with stage four cancer and asks him to write a list of 100 Remarkable Feats for him to achieve... Read more

Can’t Say it Went to Plan (Gabrielle Tozer, HarperCollins)

Released May 2021

Schoolies is revered as a holiday unlike no other, where, for the first time, teenagers are free—from school, from adults, from responsibility. Can’t Say it Went to Plan follows three... Read more

Sunburnt Veils (Sara Haghdoosti, Wakefield)

Released April 2021

Sunburnt Veils is a debut Own Voices novel that feels very relevant, and author and political activist Sara Haghdoosti’s voice is fresh and edgy. At times it is uncomfortable to... Read more