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100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze (Clayton Zane Comber, HarperCollins)

Released June 2021

Xander Maze’s best friend is his Nanna. When she is diagnosed with stage four cancer and asks him to write a list of 100 Remarkable Feats for him to achieve... Read more

Can’t Say it Went to Plan (Gabrielle Tozer, HarperCollins)

Released May 2021

Schoolies is revered as a holiday unlike no other, where, for the first time, teenagers are free—from school, from adults, from responsibility. Can’t Say it Went to Plan follows three... Read more

The Prison Healer (Lynette Noni, Penguin)

Released April 2021

Lynette Noni, the winner of the 2019 Gold Inky for her dystopian sci-fi novel Whisper, returns to fantasy with The Prison Healer. Kiva’s daily life as prisoner and prison healer... Read more

Waking Romeo (Kathryn Barker, A&U)

Released March 2021

Waking Romeo is a stunning reimagining of the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet—meets Wuthering Heights, meets epic time-travelling extravaganza. The main story revolves around Juliet and a group of... Read more

The Gaps (Leanne Hall, Text)

Released March 2021

The fourth novel by 2009 Text Prize winner Leanne Hall is simultaneously harrowing and enchanting. The Gaps begins as abruptly as a slap, with a newscast declaring schoolgirl Yin Mitchell... Read more

The Ghost Squad (Sophie Masson, MidnightSun)

Released February 2021

This young adult thriller starts as a post-collapse story and then takes a supernatural turn. It begins with ‘the pulse’, a solar flare that shuts down all electronics, pitching the... Read more

The Boy From the Mish (Gary Lonesborough, A&U)

Released February 2021

Jackson is an Aboriginal teen who lives with his mum and little brother; he has a girlfriend, good mates and the local men’s group. Then his aunty from the city... Read more

Tiger Daughter (Rebecca Lim, A&U)

Released February 2021

From Rebecca Lim, author and co-editor of the Meet Me at the Intersection YA anthology, this coming-of-age tale is about finding your own voice as a young girl in a... Read more

Future Girl (Asphyxia, A&U)

Released October 2020

The events of Future Girl play out in a future Melbourne that is eerily plausible. Food has been largely replaced by recon, an all-in-one food replacement that is marketed as... Read more

This One is Ours (Kate O’Donnell, UQP)

Released October 2020

In her second novel, Kate O’Donnell, author of Untidy Towns, delivers an insightful and earnest coming-of-age story brimming with humanity. This One is Ours takes readers on a romantic overseas... Read more