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Black Summer (ed by Michael Rowland, ABC Books)

Released January 2021

This excellent anthology won’t be the final word on the 2019–20 Black Summer fires but it contains some of the very best words you can read on the subject. From... Read more

An Amazing Australian Road Trip (Jackie Hosking, illus by Lesley Vamos, Walker Books)

Released January 2021

This cheerful picture book employs a lively rhyming narrative alongside factual snippets, creating a unique reading experience that is sure to appeal to fans of both fiction and nonfiction. The... Read more

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman (Julietta Henderson, Bantam)

Released January 2021

Norman Foreman isn’t your average 12-year-old: he’s obsessed with classic British comedy, he’s got raging psoriasis, and he and his best mate Jax have a five-year plan to perform stand-up... Read more

Shelter (Catherine Jinks, Text)

Released January 2021

Meg has taken in three strangers—Nerine and her two small daughters—in a bid to hide them from Nerine’s abusive ex-husband. The house is secluded, safe, but Nerine can’t shake the... Read more

Let’s Go, Little Roo (Renée Treml, Puffin)

Released January 2021

Prolific author Renée Treml says she wrote Let's Go, Little Roo from experience with her own shy child, and Little Roo’s stubborn emotions and thought processes are certainly recognisable. (Though... Read more

Little Gem (Anna Zobel, Puffin)

Released January 2021

Little Gem is a witch-in-training who has the best intentions but doesn’t always get things quite right. When a travelling spell goes wrong Gem finds herself in the unusual village... Read more

Repentance (Alison Gibbs, Scribe)

Released January 2021

It’s 1976, a time of change and cultural shifts. The town of Repentance perches on the edge of the Great Dividing Range: the old families cut timber and the new... Read more

Dingo Bold: The life and death of K’gari dingoes (Rowena Lennox, Sydney University Press)

Released January 2021

In Dingo Bold, Rowena Lennox wrestles with the emotionally laden subject of the human–wild divide through the lens of the policies managing the dingoes on K’gari (Fraser Island). Along the... Read more

The Women and the Girls (Laura Bloom, A&U)

Released January 2021

The Women and the Girls follows three mothers as they walk away from their unhappy marriages and move their children into a share house in Sydney. Against a backdrop of... Read more

Give Me Some Space! (Philip Bunting, Omnibus)

Released December 2020

Una is a singular girl on a mission: leave boring old Earth behind for greener pastures—or in this case, planets. Smart, determined and ingenious, she crafts herself a homespun spacesuit... Read more