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Amazon announces ‘Family Library’ Kindle feature

22 September 2014

Amazon has announced it will allow users to link their accounts with family members to share content on the company’s Kindle ereaders. The announcement comes after Apple announced a similar...

Judge orders mediation in ebook price-fixing suit

18 August 2014

In the US, judge Denise Cote has ordered that all the parties involved in an ebook price-fixing case instigated by Australian software company DNAML against Apple and the five ‘agency...

Apple acquires ‘Pandora for books’

29 July 2014

Apple has acquired book analytics and recommendation company BookLamp, described as a ‘Pandora for books’, reports Techcrunch. The company, which was purchased for between US$10 and US$15 million, is best...

Apple appeals for stay in ebook pricing case 

8 April 2014

In the US, lawyers for Apple have appealed for a stay of all proceedings in Apple’s ebook pricing case, reports Publishers Weekly. Apple’s lawyers have petitioned judge Denise Cote for...

Amazon, Apple and Google must pay UK taxes from 2015 

25 March 2014

Multinational corporations such as Amazon, Apple and Google will no longer be able to avoid paying 20% value-added tax (VAT) on online sales within the UK after the government legislates to close...

Judge signs final order in Apple ebook pricing case 

9 September 2013

In the US, the judge in Apple’s ebook pricing case has signed a final order for injunctive relief, reports Publishers Weekly. The parties in the case last week submitted a ‘final, scaled-back...

Tesco to sell branded tablets to supermarket shoppers 

20 August 2013

UK supermarket chain Tesco is preparing to launch its own branded tablet to compete with Amazon and Apple, according to a report in the Times that has not been confirmed by Tesco. The tablet is expected to...