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Judge signs final order in Apple ebook pricing case 

9 September 2013

In the US, the judge in Apple’s ebook pricing case has signed a final order for injunctive relief, reports Publishers Weekly. The parties in the case last week submitted a ‘final, scaled-back...

Apple: DOJ proposal is ‘draconian and punitive’ 

6 August 2013

In the US, Apple has responded to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) proposal for ‘injunctive relief’ against the company in its ebook pricing case, labelling the proposal ‘a draconian and...

DOJ seeks ‘injunctive relief’ against Apple 

5 August 2013

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has released a proposal for ‘injunctive relief’ against Apple following a US court’s findings that Apple conspired with publishers to fix ebook prices, reports Publishers...

Penguin must sit trial in DOJ ebooks antitrust case 

1 March 2013

In the US, Penguin will remain a defendant in the Department of Justice (DOJ) antitrust case against Apple over ebook pricing despite the publisher’s settlement with the DOJ in December, reports Publishers...

Macmillan settles in US DOJ ebook case 

11 February 2013

In the US, Macmillan has settled with the Department of Justice (DOJ) over its anti-trust lawsuit relating to ebook pricing, reports Publishers Weekly. The publisher is the last of the...

New ebook pricing terms for S&S in the US 

11 December 2012

Following the news earlier this month that ebook vendors are now adopting new ebook pricing terms from Hachette in the US, Publishers Weekly reports that Simon & Schuster has also...

ABA, B&N brief accepted in DOJ case 

8 August 2012

In the US, federal judge Denise Cote has granted a motion by the American Booksellers Association (ABA) and Barnes & Noble to file a ‘friend of the court’ brief as...

Date set for US ebook anti-trust case 

27 June 2012

In the US, federal judge Denise Cote has set 3 June, 2013, as the start date for the Department of Justice (DOJ) anti-trust case against Apple, Penguin and Macmillan, reports...