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Quote of the week 

11 September 2007

'The ABA Conference was comprised largely of old, grey, tired booksellers'--Derek Dryden seeks young, colourful, energetic booksellers to attend his ABA-sponsored workshop.

Quote of the week 

4 September 2007

'$195,000: that's almost a living wage for someone at Macquarie Bank ... almost'--MC John Doyle (aka 'Rampaging Roy Slaven') commenting on the total prize pool for the Victorian Premier's Literary...

Quote of the week 

28 August 2007

'For most Amazon customers, a special order is a terrible customer experience'--Amazon exec Kurt Beidler on the 'need it now' attitude of his 66 million customers.

Quote of the week 

21 August 2007

‘I think it's got about as much commercial appeal as Osama bin Laden's love sonnets. It's a terrible idea for a book, and I don't know why anybody would either...

Quote of the week 

14 August 2007

‘I completely acknowledge that the tone of this correspondence was inappropriate'--Angus & Robertson general manager David Fenlon in his 'clarification' letter to Crikey

Quote of the week 

1 August 2007

'Ahh, Book Musk, it should be marketed as an aftershave!'--Simon Morton of Radio NZ, speaking at the Booksellers NZ annual conference last weekend.

Quote of the week 

10 July 2007

'Muggles, do you know what this chamber of secrets is?'--in the lead-up to HP7, the Sunday Age tries its best to make the relatively un-magical ADS warehouse into an object...

Quote of the week 

19 June 2007

‘I've not yet met a bookseller who's cynical or who's lost their passion for books.'--Susan Duncan, on accepting the Booksellers Choice award for Salvation Creek at the ABA conference's Booksellers'...

Quotation of the week 

12 June 2007

'There were lots of books we rejected--about personal female issues, the loss of a child, the break-up of a marriage, thinly veiled autobiographical things of no consequence...'Orange Prize judge Muriel...

Quotation of the week 

5 June 2007

‘There's always certain politics among writers.'Wendy Were, SWF artistic director, on the reported tension between some of this year's Festival guests. 

Quotation of the week 

29 May 2007

‘At its best, powerful writing about Australia feeds into the soul of the country.' Shadow Minister for the Arts Peter Garrett on ABC Radio National's Book Show.

Quotation of the week 

22 May 2007

'The book conveys an insidious hopelessness even in the midst of remarkable natural beauty [...] People with nicknames like Fox and Bird and Darkie drink themselves to unnecessary deaths or...

Quotation of the Week 

10 May 2007

I feel bad for people getting their books at Amazon or at Target ... They're getting it alone because they want a bargain. How sad. Don't you want to remember...