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Stephen Downes’ ‘A Lasting Record’ 

28 November 2012

Alongside Rubinstein and Horowitz, William Kapell was widely considered one of the three greatest pianists of his time. Kapell died in 1953 at the age of 31 in a plane...

Jenna Austen’s ‘The Romance Diaries’ 

7 November 2012

The Romance Diaries is a fun, fast-paced and modern read for lovers of the Clueless style of Jane Austen updates. In this first book in a new series written pseudonymously...

Sara Foster’s ‘Shallow Breath’ 

30 October 2012

Some mystery novels ease into the story, and others just thrust you into the middle of everything and let you sort it all out yourself. Shallow Breath is definitely the...

Emily Perkins’ ‘The Forrests’ 

9 May 2012

'Emily Perkins, acclaimed author of Novel about My Wife, chronicles a person’s life with depth, poignancy and passion. She manages to find the right, often surprising, words to describe the...

Running Dogs (Ruby Murray, Scribe) 

20 March 2012

Diana is an Australian aid worker, writing reports for a disaster relief organisation bereft of the kind of disaster that grabs attention. She reconnects with her illusive friend Petra in...