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Turkey prepares for greater scrutiny in 2008 

8 October 2006

Following the signature of an agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Ankara late last month, Turkey was today formally presented as the Guest of Honour...

Protest at removal of books from university library 

26 September 2006

Several organisations representing authors and librarians have issued a joint statement protesting the forced removal of two books from the University of Melbourne's library. Join the Caravan (Azzam Publications) and...

Drop ‘sedition’, says Law Reform Commission 

19 September 2006

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has recommended that the Australian Government drop the term ‘sedition' from its anti-terror laws.Summarising the main outcome of a five-month review, ALRC president David...

Court challenge to banned Islamic books 

15 August 2006

The NSW Council of Civil Liberties has launched a legal challenge to the recent banning of two books by the Classification Review Board.The Council will shortly begin proceedings in the Federal...

ASA joins ‘book banning’ protests 

8 August 2006

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has joined the chorus of voices protesting plans by the Attorney-general, Philip Ruddock, to tighten the classification regime for books.In a letter sent to...

APA objects to A-G’s book censorship plans 

1 August 2006

Australian Publishers Association (APA) CEO Maree McCaskill has written to Attorney-general Philip Ruddock and to all state attorneys-general expressing ‘grave concern' about plans to tighten regulations governing the Classification Review...

ASA supports Law Reform Commission on sedition 

31 May 2006

The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) has backed the recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) that sedition should be removed entirely from the statute books as a crime.The...