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Talkback: Universal cover design 

16 July 2015

Do you think publishers should use the same book cover for all territories where possible? Books+Publishing asked four booksellers.Anna Low, owner, Potts Point BookshopI don’t think publishers should keep the...

Talkback: Timing titles for Christmas 

13 February 2015

Do you think publishers save too many high-profile titles for Christmas? Books+Publishing asked three booksellers.Heather Dyer, owner, Fairfield Books: I think publishers do save a lot of titles for Christmas and...

Talkback: 14/14-day territorial copyright agreement 

17 October 2014

Is the 14/14-day territorial copyright agreement working for you? Books+Publishing asked two publishers and two booksellers.Henry Rosenbloom, publisher, ScribeIt’s a good example of something that sounds good on the surface...

Talkback: The value of social media 

21 July 2014

Is social media worth the time you’re putting into it? Books+Publishing asked three booksellers.Catherine Schulz, manager, Fullers Bookshop Hobart:Social media is hard to quantify. It’s also hard to be consistent...

Talkback: Book extracts in the media 

31 March 2014

How useful is it to run extracts of new books in newspapers and magazines? Books+Publishing asked three publishers.Aviva Tuffield, publisher, Affirm Press:Extracts can be both a blessing and a curse. They...

Talkback: On dropping the C-format paperback 

7 February 2014

Should the book industry drop the C-format paperback? Books+Publishing asked five booksellers.Mary Dalmau, general manager, Reader’s Feast Bookstore Nicole, our fiction buyer, and I see no reason to dispense with the C-format paperback. While...

Talkback: Book reviews and book sales 

16 October 2013

Do book reviews in local and national newspapers make a difference to your sales? Bookseller+Publisher asked three booksellers. I’ve spent the past 12 years cutting out the reviews in the...

Talkback: The book industry under the new government 

7 October 2013

What do you think will happen to the Australian book industry under the new government? Books+Publishing asked three publishers. Martin Hughes, publisher, Affirm Press Apart from a clutch of new books by...

Talkback: industry involvement in world book events 

15 July 2013

Should the Australian book industry get more involved in international events such as World Book Night? Books+Publishing asked three booksellers. Mike Gratwick, co-owner, Dymocks Busselton No, I don’t believe that...

Talkback: determining the price of ebooks 

5 April 2013

How do you determine the price of your ebooks and do you ever run promotional discounts? Books+Publishing asked three publishers. Phoebe Wynne, digital manager, Black Inc. We determine our ebook...

Talkback: The Penguin/Random House merger 

13 December 2012

What are the potential implications of a merger between Penguin and Random House for the business models of small, independent publishers? Bookseller+Publisher spoke to three publishers. Henry Rosenbloom, publisher, Scribe ...