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‘Griffith REVIEW’ to celebrate 10 years with inaugural lecture, 10th-anniversary edition

The Griffith REVIEW will celebrate 10 years of publication with an inaugural lecture, the annual Griffith REVIEW Lecture, and a 10th-anniversary edition of the review.

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by journalist, author and commentator George Megalogenis in Brisbane on 25 July. An extract will be included in the 10th-anniversary edition of the review, entitled Now We Are Ten, which will be published in August. 

In his lecture, Megalogenis will argue ‘that our economy, media and society are hard-wired to the false certainty of the male brain’ and will challenge ‘women to be prepared to change the model’.

For Now We Are Ten, the 41st edition of the quarterly review, writers were ‘invited to tackle the issues and challenges that will shape the next decade’. Edited by Julianne Schultz, the edition features contributions from writers including Melissa Lucashenko, John Kinsella, Frank Moorhouse, Kathy Marks, Anna Rose, Ali Alizadeh and Rodney Croome.

In a statement, Schultz said that despite an open brief, submissions centred on ‘a central theme of concern’ and that ‘it was one of security—personal, economic, social, geopolitical, genetic, environmental—and how to surmount the obstacles to change to improve it’.

The Griffith REVIEW was founded by Griffith University in 2003 with its first edition, Insecurity in the New World Order. Since 2009, the review has been published by Text Publishing. For more information on the Griffith REVIEW, click here.



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