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Written in the stars: Minnie Darke on ‘Star-crossed’ 

30 October 2018
Minnie Darke’s Star-crossed (Michael Joseph, March 2019) follows an aspiring journalist who begins to tinker with her paper’s astrology section after learning that her crush consults his horoscope whenever he’s faced with...

Bound together: Kate Richards on ‘Fusion’ 

30 October 2018
Kate Richards’ Fusion (Hamish Hamilton, February 2019) tells the story of conjoined twins, their carer, and an injured stranger who is brought into their isolated bush home. Reviewer Jacqui Davies described...

Gift of the Blab: An interview with Aaron Blabey 

30 October 2018
Aaron Blabey is the creator of the ‘Pig the Pug’ and ‘The Bad Guys’ series. Kelsey Oldham asks the author about his success. You’re known for your prolific output, which...

Stretching the truth: Jack Heath on ‘The Truth App’ 

30 August 2018
The Truth App (Scholastic, September) is the first book in YA author Jack Heath’s five-book junior-fiction series 'Liars', described by reviewer Heath Graham as a ‘non-stop action-adventure ride’ for readers who want ‘techno-thrillers...

Memory trick: Margot McGovern on ‘Neverland’

13 April 2018
Debut author Margot McGovern was inspired by her favourite childhood reads to create Neverland (Random House, April), ‘a dark and compelling examination of memory, self-determination and the dangers of romanticising...

Heart to heart: Melanie Cheng on ‘Australia Day’

27 April 2017
Melanie Cheng’s Australia Day (Text, July) is a ‘bittersweet, beautifully crafted collection’ about the conflicts and realisations that occur when people of different backgrounds are brought together. She spoke to reviewer...

Untying the knots: Mark Brandi on ‘Wimmera’

27 April 2017
Mark Brandi’s debut crime novel Wimmera (Hachette, July) is a ‘languid and unsettling’ story about two boys growing up together in a small town in the 1980s. He spoke to reviewer...

System override: Elizabeth Tan on ‘Rubik’

28 February 2017
Elizabeth Tan’s Rubik is a novel of interconnected short stories with plotlines that explore ‘a sprawling world of shady corporations, sentient memes and hackable bodies’. The result is ‘conceptually and structurally...

Movie mayhem: Alex Miles on ‘Mammoth Mistake’

27 February 2017
Mammoth Mistake is the first book in Alex Miles’ new ‘Olive Black’ series, about a 10-year-old actress who juggles friendships, rivals and on-set hijinks. Reviewer Bec Kavanagh spoke to the...

Dead ringer: ‘The Turnkey’ by Allison Rushby

6 October 2016
Allison Rushby’s middle-grade novel The Turnkey is a ‘page-turning mystery’ set in London’s Highgate Cemetery during the Blitz. Reviewer Maria H Alessandrino spoke to the author. Read her review here....

Key change: Holly Throsby on ‘Goodwood’ 

8 July 2016
Set around the disappearance of two people in the fictional small town of Goodwood, musician Holly Throsby’s debut novel ‘hits all the right notes’, writes reviewer Carody Culver. She spoke...

Remaking history: Kate Mildenhall on ‘Skylarking’ 

10 May 2016
Kate Mildenhall’s Skylarking (Black Inc., August) is a historical novel about an intense female friendship. Reviewer Angela Andrewes spoke to the author. Skylarking is based on historical events. What drew...

Retail rewards: An interview with Len Vlahos 

10 May 2016
US book-industry insider Len Vlahos will deliver the keynote at this year’s Australian Booksellers Association conference. Vlahos is the new owner of Denver bookstore chain Tattered Cover, former executive director...

Flying high: Jeannie Baker on ‘Circle’ 

Jeannie Baker 21 March 2016
In her new picture book Circle, Jeannie Baker uses her distinctive mixed-media illustrations to depict the migration of the bar-tailed godwits. Reviewer Margaret Hamilton describes it as a ‘masterpiece’. She...





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