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Atwood manuscript to be locked away for 100 years

Margaret Atwood has been chosen as the first contributor for the Future Library art project, which will see her ‘unpublished, unread’ manuscript locked away for 100 years, reports the Guardian. The project by Scottish artist Katie Paterson began with the planting of 1000 trees in Oslo, Norway, earlier this year. Each year over the next 100 years a writer will submit text to the collection, which will be held in a specially designed room in Oslo’s Deichmanske Public Library. In 2114 the trees will be turned into paper to print the anthology of texts. ‘For some writers I think it could be an incredible freedom—they can write whatever they like, from a short story to a novel, in any language and any context,’ said Paterson, who added that ‘it freaks me out a bit when I think that many of these writers aren’t born yet’. Atwood will submit her manuscript in 2015 and said its contents will remain secret until publication. ‘It’s part of the contract you can’t tell anybody what you’re writing. I’m finding it very delicious,’ she said.


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