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Prose and poetry must be approved by Maldives government before publication

In the Maldives, new regulations require all prose and poetry be approved by the government prior to publication, reports Minivan News. The ‘Regulations on approving literature published in the Maldives’, enacted on 9 September, are to reduce ‘adverse effects on society that could be caused by published literature’ and to ensure literature published fits Islam, Maldivian laws, regulations and societal norms. Fines for publishing a book without approval range from MVR500 (A$36) to MVR5000 (A$360) with further restrictions placed on those found to have published a work that contains ‘false information’. Under the regulations, a book is defined as ‘any piece of writing, photography or artwork published either printed on paper between covers or ‘electronically, digitally or otherwise’, including internet publications. The national bureau of classification will compile a registry of members for granting publication approval. Conditions for membership require a member to be a Maldivian citizen aged 30 years or older, a Sunni Muslim and have at least 10 years experience in the relevant publishing field.


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