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Canadian ebook sales plateau

In Canada, digital publisher BookNet has ‘paused’ its consumer survey on ereading because of a plateau in ebook sales, reports Publishers Weekly. ‘The numbers we’re hearing for ebook unit sales is still around 17%, 18%, 20%, that kind of range,’ said BookNet’s Noah Genner. Reports from other publishers support Genner’s comments, with Penguin Random House’s Brad Martin reporting that digital sales have not grown in the way the publisher anticipated four or five years ago. ‘Ebooks plateaued last year and they’ve backed up this year,’ said Martin, who estimates that Penguin Random House Canada’s ebook unit sales constitute about 15% of total sales, but can vary greatly depending on the genre. He added that many publishers ‘thought that when people bought their device, that was it, we’d lost them to print, and that’s not the case at all’.



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