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Finalists withdraw from Hugo Awards

Two authors and a fanzine shortlisted for the Hugo Awards have withdrawn their work, claiming that alleged right-wing activists are skewing the voting process, reports the Bookseller. The awards, which honour the best science-fiction and fantasy works of the previous year in a number of categories, are voted on by members of the 2014, 2015 or 2016 WorldCons. Author Marko Gloos, shortlisted for best novel for Lines of Departure (Plume); Annie Bellett, shortlisted for the best short-story award for ‘Goodnight Stars’; and the fanzine Black Gate have each declined to accept the nominations of their work in the Hugo awards, citing that the groups ‘Sad Puppies’ lead by writer Brad Torgersen and ‘Rabid Puppies’ lead by blogger Vox Day had distributed lists of voting guidelines to members, which influenced the nominees. The withdrawn nominees claim the ‘Sad Puppies’ group paid fans to become members of WorldCon to influence the voting process. Torgersen has claimed he wants to change the Hugos’ favouring of works that are ‘niche, academic, overtly to the left in ideology and favour’.


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