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Authors Guild survey reveals 24% drop in income

In the US, a new Authors Guild survey has found the median writing-related income of its members has declined 24% in the past five years, reports Publishers Weekly. According to the survey of over 1600 members, the median income has dropped from US$10,500 (A$14,815) in 2009 to US$8000 (A$11,288) in 2014. For full-time authors it fell 30% to US$17,500 (A$24,692), and for part-time authors it dropped 38% to US$4500 (A$6350). Authors Guild executive director Mary Rasenberger cited a number of reasons for the decline, including online piracy, publisher consolidation, the rise of Amazon and the closure of bricks-and-mortar bookstores, and has called for publishers to pay higher royalties. ‘Authors need to be cut in more equitably on the profits their publishers see, or we’ll stop seeing the quality of work the industry was built on,’ said Rasenberger. The survey also revealed a growth in hybrid publishing, with 33% of authors reported to have self-published at least one book, while just 4% said they have only self-published.


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