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Mitchell second author chosen to bury manuscript until 2114 for Future Library project

David Mitchell has been chosen as the second contributor to Scottish artist Katie Paterson’s Future Library project, in which authors submit manuscripts to be buried until 2114, reports the Guardian. Mitchell’s manuscript ‘From Me Flows What You Call Time’ is the second manuscript submitted to the project, which, over the next 100 years, will see one writer per year submit a manuscript to be added to the collection. As part of the project, Paterson oversaw the planting of 1000 trees in Oslo, Norway in 2014, which will be turned into paper to print the anthology of texts in 2114. Mitchell submitted one hard copy and one digital copy to be placed in a specially designed room in Oslo’s new public library, which will open in 2019. He said the manuscript was ‘somewhat more substantial a thing’ than expected. ‘It’s a little glimmer of hope in a season of highly depressing news cycles, that affirms we are in with a chance of civilisation in 100 years,’ said Mitchell. ‘Everything is telling us that we’re doomed, but the Future Library is a candidate on the ballot paper for possible futures. It brings hope that we are more resilient than we think.’ Mitchell follows the Margaret Atwood submitted her manuscript ‘Scribbler Moon’ to the Future Library in 2015, after being announced for the project in 2014. Contributions can take any form of writing in any language. For more information about the project, visit the website here.


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