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Author Earnings’ Amazon sales report expands scope to cover more than 1m titles

Independent website Author Earnings has expanded the scope of its latest quarterly report on Amazon print, audio and ebook sales to take into account titles outside the Amazon bestseller lists, bringing the titles analysed from around 200,000 to more than one million. The analysis covers 82% of daily Amazon Kindle ebook sales, as well as sales data on 900,000 top-selling print titles and 67,000 audiobooks. Among the many findings, the report estimates there are 2500 authors currently earning US$50,000 (A$67,155) or more just from their Amazon sales, although among the traditionally published authors they are predominantly those ‘whose careers began decades ago, including all of traditional publishing’s longest tenured bestsellers and most recognisable names’. More than 4600 authors earn US$25,000 (A$33,577) or more from their Amazon sales; 40% of these are indie authors who derive at least half of their income from self-published titles and 35% are authors published by the Big Five, who derive the majority of their income from Big Five-published titles. The analysis showed a discrepancy between the ebook prices of the Big Five publishers’ ‘heavily-promoted frontlist titles’, which are around US$12.99 (A$17.45) to US$14.99 (A$20.13), and average price of all 157,000 ebooks published the Big Five, which is US$8.67 (A$11.64). The reports suggests this is a positive sign for newer authors who were previously hurt by high prices.


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