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APA announces Educational Publishing Awards Australia 2016 shortlists

The Australian Publishers Association (APA) has announced the shortlists for the 2016 Educational Publishing Awards Australia.

The shortlists in each category are:


Student Resource—Mathematics (Numeracy)

  • ‘ORIGO Big Books for Early Learning’ (ORIGO Education)
  • ‘Think Mentals Student Workbooks’ Years 1–6 (Firefly Education)
  • ‘The Maths Box’ (RIC Publications)

Student Resource—Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education/Languages

  • ‘Macmillan History 3-6’ (Macmillan Education)
  • Torri the Great Reef Surfing Turtle (B B Byrnes & Bron Simpson, RenBro)
  • ‘OZBOX: Learning Through Literacy’ (OUP)
  • ‘WINGS’ (Science Era)

Student Resource—English (Literacy, Literature, Language)

  • ‘English Stars 4-6’ (Firefly Education)
  • ‘Flying Start to Literacy Shared Reading Collection’ (Eleanor Curtain)
  • ‘Animalia Education Bundle’ (The Base Factory)

Teaching Resource

  • ‘Interventions in Mathematics’ (Kennedy Press)
  • ‘PM Benchmark RAR Software’ (Cengage)

Reference Resource

No award will be made in this category in 2016.


  • ‘enVisionMATHS’ (Digital Pearson)


Student Resource—Junior—Mathematics/Science

  • ‘Oxford Science’ series (OUP)
  • Oxford MyMaths’ series (Jennifer Nolan et al, OUP)
  • Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum (Jenny Goodmoon & David Greenwood, CUP)
  • Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change (Carole Wilkinson, Black Dog Books)

Student Resource—Junior—English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

  • ‘Pearson English 7-10’ activity books (Pearson)
  • Ned Kelly (Hugh Dolan, NewSouth)
  • Food by Design (Glenis Heath, Heather McKenzie and Laurel Tully, Cengage)
  • ‘Parliamo Italiano Insieme’ series (Margherita Ghezzi et al, Cengage)
  • ‘Fit for Life! Health and Physical Education for the Victorian Curriculum’ series (Cengage)
  • Maralinga’s Long Shadow (Christobel Mattingley, A&U)

Student Resource—Senior—Mathematics/Science

  • Foundation Mathematics (Bryce Gaton et al, OUP)
  • Oxford Psychology Units 1+2 (Roger Edwards et al, OUP)
  • ‘Nelson VCE Mathematics’ series (Cengage)
  • ‘Human Perspectives’ series (Cengage)
  • ‘Nelson Senior Sciences for the Australian Curriculum’ series (Cengage)

Student Resource—Senior—English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

  • Argument and Persuasive Language (Melanie Napthine, Insight Publications)
  • English Year 11 (Insight Publications)
  • ‘Oxford VCE English’ series (OUP)
  • Senior English Skills Builder (Amanda Ford, Elizabeth Haywood & Kate Tehan, OUP)
  • Analysing Revolutions (CUP)
  • The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East (Ian Bickerton, Cengage)
  • Dance for Senior Students (Barbara Snook, Cengage)

Teaching Resource

  • Oxford Psychology Units 1+2 (Roger Edwards, OUP)
  • Oxford MyMaths 7-10 AusVELS edition (OUP)
  • Oxford Science Teacher (OUP)
  • Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum (CUP)
  • Jacaranda Science 7-8 (Jacaranda)

Reference Resource

  • The Australian Schoolkids’ Guide to Debating and Public Speaking (Claire Duffy, NewSouth)
  • English Toolkit (Malcolm Garrett, Macmillan)

Tertiary and TAFE

TAFE & Vocational Education: Teaching and Learning Resource

  • Electrical Trade Practices (Ralph Berry & Phillip Chadwick, Cengage)
  • Professional Business Skills (Lee Perlitz, Cengage)
  • Connect Master Engineering Mechanics (V Ivanoff et al, McGraw-Hill)

TAFE & Vocational Education: Student Resource

  • Connect Master Individual Support Certificate III (McGraw-Hill)
  • Essential Guide to Fitness for the Fitness Instructor (Rosemary Marchese, Cengage)
  • Fitness Trainer Essentials for the Fitness Trainer (Tony Attridge, Martin Felice, Cengage)

Tertiary (Adaptations): Student Resource

  • Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour (Michael Passer & Ronald Smith, McGraw-Hill)
  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (Gerard Tortora, Wiley)
  • Management: The Essentials (Stephen Robbins et al, Pearson)

Tertiary (Adaptations): Teaching and Learning Resource

  • MindTap for Economics for Today (Allan Layton et al, Cengage)
  • Organisational Behaviour (Steven McShane, McGraw-Hill)
  • Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice (Howard Frederick, Cengage)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Scholarly Resource

  • Criminalisation and Criminal Responsibility in Australia (Thomas Crofts and Arlie Loughnan, OUP)
  • Australia & New Zealand Knowledge of Life (CUP)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Student Resource

  • Australia’s Rural, Remote and Indigenous Health (Janie Dade Smith, Elsevier)
  • Teaching Indigenous Students (Thelma Perso & Colleen Hayward, A&U)
  • Writing Right with Text Types (Matthew Zbaracki, OUP)
  • Science for Children (Marilyn Fleer, CUP)

Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning Resource

  • Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching (Sue Duchesne & Anne McMaugh, Cengage)
  • An Introduction to Speech, Language and Literacy (Sharynne McLeod & Jane McCormack, OUP)
  • For the Love of Language (Kate Burridge, CUP)
  • Communication Skills for Business Professionals (Phillip Cenere et al, CUP)
  • Business Law (Andy Gibson & Douglas Fraser, Pearson)

The winners will be announced at a ceremony at Melbourne Pavilion on 6 October. For more information, visit the awards website here.


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