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Danish publishers withdraw ebooks from libraries

Danish publishers have withdrawn their ebooks from libraries in opposition to to the lack of restrictions around digital lending in the country, reports Digital Book World. Several Danish publishers, including Gyldendal and Politikens Forlag, the third-largest publisher in Denmark, withdrew their digital titles as of 1 January 2016, and have campaigned for the introduction of limits on the amount of loans made by libraries. The withdrawal has led to an increase in the market share of ebooks sold (up to 67%) relative to the number borrowed. The growth of digital lending in Danish libraries between 2011 and 2015 saw the library market eclipse the commercial market in 2015; Danish ebook subscription service Mofibo reported 16% of its customers cited free library ebooks as the reason for their subscription termination. According to a translation by Digital Book World, Politikens Forlag publishing director Lene Jull said ‘the model where you are able to loan books without restriction is not viable relative to having a sustainable market for ebooks and audiobooks’. ‘It can have devastating effects for the development of the book market in general,’ said Jull.


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