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S&S UK signs up to plan to protect authors in ‘special sales deals’

Simon & Schuster UK has signed up to the Society of Authors’ (SoA) seven-point plan to ensure ‘special sales deals’ don’t affect writers’ earnings, reports the Bookseller.

The SoA published its plan in the Bookseller on 3 August, with aim of giving authors the right of approval over special sales, for special sales to have separate ISBNs and be recorded on Nielsen BookScan, and for publishers to better monitor how special sales books are distributed.

SoA CEO Nicola Solomon said ‘it’s clear some heavily discounted titles intended for export or book clubs are being leaked onto Amazon Marketplace’. ‘Paperback copies are usually available on Amazon from other sellers well before they are available from the publishers, often on publication of the hardback,’ said Solomon. ‘Authors receive very low royalty rates on such sales, much less than on a full-priced home market sale of the book.’

In an email to Solomon, S&S UK CEO Ian Chapman praised the plan. ‘We’re committed to supporting our authors and protecting their works,’ Chapman wrote. ‘We feel that continuing to follow these seven steps in relation to special sales will ensure that we maintain author profitability long term.’


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