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The Last Peach (Gus Gordon, Viking)

Gus Gordon delights and entertains with his newest picture book, a fable about two bugs who come across the most beautiful peach they’ve ever seen. In the beginning they’re overjoyed at their discovery, but it soon becomes apparent that such a peach also comes with a host of problems. At first, the friends are advised not to eat it at all: ‘You can bet it’s all stinky and rotten on the inside,’ is the claim of one well-meaning passerby. Next, they can’t decide whether they should share it with others or not—what if there is none left for them! Gordon’s mixedmedia art is fun and energetic, and kids will adore the charming anthropomorphic details he gives his creations. One particularly delightful page depicts a dinner party in which our two friends look forlornly at their miniscule servings while everyone else happily tucks in, including a caterpillar with a monocle and a stick insect with a rather elegant hat. The story is told entirely in dialogue, which makes the book a perfect pick for story time, and children aged three and up will also enjoy the clever twist at the end, which leaves the two bugs none the wiser.

Bronte Coates is the digital content coordinator and prize manager at Readings


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