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Authors create #SelfPubIsHere campaign to amplify self-publisher voices

A number of self-published Australian authors, including Dionne Lister, A B Patterson and Lisa Fleetwood have pledged their support for a campaign to have self-publishing recognised and included in Australian literary festival programming.

The #SelfPubIsHere campaign, started by authors Pauline Findlay and Robin Elizabeth, grew out of a Facebook self-publishing group post that expressed frustration at the lack of programming related to self-publishing at the recent Sydney Writers’ Festival. A plan was made to ‘make some noise’ on Friday 11 May to ‘amplify’ self-publisher voices by creating or sharing blog posts and opinion pieces under the #SelfPubIsHere banner on social media.

Campaign activity has so far included Robin Elizabeth’s proposal for a self-publishing festival in a blog post that was later shared on Twitter by publishing consultant and NSW Writers’ Centre board member Joel Naoum, who made a call out to start the conversation with other interested parties.

In another blog post, author Lisa Fleetwood said that a self-publishing festival would give self-published authors a much needed avenue to connect with their readers; while author Pauline Findlay wrote about how literary festivals missed opportunities to engage with self-published authors and find new sponsors.

Several other authors, including Lola Lowe, Maureen Flynn, Alison Croggon and Ellie Marney, also pledged to help raise the profile of the campaign that hopes to ‘let people know that self-publishing it is out of its infancy,’ and to turn #SelfPubIsHere into an official network.

‘Our aim is to make festivals, writers’ centers and awards aware that we’re now bigger than a one-off panel or to be blocked from eligibility. And to let them know that people actually want to see us. It’s profitable to put us on your programs,’ said the campaign organisers.

‘Friday was our launching point and from there a lot of authors have exciting ideas as to directions they’d like to take this and how to formalise things. We’ll keep shouting #SelfPubIsHere until we’re heard.’



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