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SLNSW announces new children’s library

The State Library of NSW (SLNSW) is launching a fundraising appeal to help fund a new dedicated area for children and families to browse, sit down and read, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The planned Children’s Library will include an informal space designed to promote the enjoyment of reading for children aged up to 16 years.

SLNSW and the State Library Foundation are asking for public donations to help raise $300,000 for thousands of books to stock the library’s shelves.

State librarian John Vallance said that, traditionally, SLNSW has not been seen as a place for children. ‘While not in any way taking away from the library’s historical focus and strengths, the library is working to re-establish its relevance to the whole community and children and adults are pretty important to the community,’ Vallance said.

Vallance added that the library has been ‘a very intimidating institution’ to some people. ‘A lot of parents who have come here with children haven’t known what to do with them which I think is a huge shame given children are some of the most voracious readers in our community,’ said Vallance.

The Children’s Library could open as soon as October, with a major exhibition on May Gibbs planned for later this year.



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