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Library patrons buy more books, Canadian report finds

In Canada, a new report by industry study group BookNet has found consumers who borrow books from libraries purchase more books per month than those who don’t use libraries, reports Publishing Perspectives.

The ‘Borrow, Buy, Read: Library Use and Book Buying in Canada’ report found that those who had both borrowed a book and purchased one in the last year bought an average of three books per month, compared to 2.6 purchases a month for those who had purchased a book but had never visited a library.

According the the report, book buyers who visited a library 10–14 times in the previous month purchased an average of 6.1 books in a given month. Library borrowers are also seen as more likely to read print books daily (24%) or several times a week (28%) when compared to non-borrowers (20% and 22% respectively).

The report also found that the public library is the fourth most popular way that readers discover books, and the second most popular way that borrowers discover books.


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