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Retailers to benefit from consolidated music licensing deal

From today, retailers will only need to secure one music license to play music in their stores, rather than two separate licenses from two rights management bodies.

A new joint licensing initiative called OneMusic Australia will consolidate music licence transactions with Australia’s two music rights management bodies, PPCA and APRA AMCOS, which facilitate the payment of royalties to songwriters, recording artists and record labels. The new organisation allows retailers to meet their copyright obligations for the public performance of musical works, sound recordings and music videos, but only requires retailers to manage one annual legal agreement instead of two.

According to OneMusic, under the new scheme a retail business of less than 51 square metres of ‘customer space’ (not including back rooms) with just a radio or television on need only budget for $85 a year for music licence fees. OneMusic also offers options for retailers using streaming services to play music in-store.

For more information, see the OneMusic website.


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