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Two women awarded Japan’s top literary awards

In Japan, novelists Natsuko Imamura and Masumi Oshima have been awarded two of the country’s top literary awards, reports Kyodo News.

Imamura was awarded the Akutagawa Prize for her novel Murasaki no Sukato no Onna (The Woman in the Purple Skirt), about a cleaner who exhibits stalker-like behaviour towards her neighbour, while Oshima was awarded the Naoki Prize for her book Uzu Imoseyama Onna Teikin Tamamusubi (Whirlpool, Husband and Wife Mountains: A mirror of virtuous women, requiem), a novel about an Edo period puppet playwright. For the first time in the Naoki award’s history, all six nominees were women.

Both prizes were established in 1935, and are named after Japanese writers Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Sanjugo Naoki respectively.

Imamura and Oshima will each receive ¥1 million (A$13,170) in prize money at a presentation ceremony in Tokyo in late August.


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