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Royal Society 2019 Science Book Prize shortlist announced

In the UK, the Royal Society has announced the shortlist for the 2019 Science Book Prize for popular science books written for a non-specialist audience.

The shortlisted books are:

  • Invisible Women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men (Caroline Criado Perez, Chatto & Windus)
  • Six Impossible Things: The ‘quanta of solace’ and the mysteries of the subatomic world (John Gribbin, Icon)
  • The Remarkable Life of the Skin: An intimate journey across our surface (Monty Lyman, Bantam)
  • Clearing the Air: The beginning and the end of air pollution (Tim Smedley, Bloomsbury Sigma)
  • The Second Kind of Impossible: The extraordinary quest for a new form of matter (Paul J Steinhardt, S&S)
  • Infinite Powers: The story of calculus—the language of the universe (Steven Strogatz, Atlantic).

The winner of the £25,000 (A$45,500) prize will be announced on  23 September 2019. The five shortlisted authors will each receive £2500 (A$4550).

To learn more about the prize, visit the website.


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