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‘Dating coaches’ target Kinokuniya Sydney

Kinokuniya in Sydney has apologised to customers after being made aware that a ‘dating coaching’ company had been using the store to practice ‘pickup’ techniques with its clients.

In an open letter published on Facebook, Kinokuniya said: ‘We apologise to any of our customers who have been approached in the store or had the negative experience of someone trying “pickup” techniques with them.’

Kinokuniya said it has contacted the company in question and requested they not enter the store again, adding: ‘And to any other social coaching companies who might be considering using Kinokuniya for your clients’ practice runs, we say don’t come in.’

Journalist Neil Strauss is credited with popularising the practice through his bestselling book The Game (Text), published in 2005. According to the Guardian, the practice teaches manipulative techniques such as insulting a woman to undermine her confidence, otherwise known as ‘negging’.

Despite requesting that commercial pickup companies avoid the store, Kinokuniya said it ‘should be a place for discussion and we don’t want to discourage organic communications from taking place’.


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