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The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars (Shivaun Plozza, Puffin)

Young readers with an insatiable hunger for adventure will love The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars, a timeless new novel from Shivaun Plozza. A departure from her writing for the young adult market, this middle-grade novel will entice readers with its strong concept and charming design. Perfect for fans of the ‘Nevermoor’ or ‘Ottilie Colter’ series, The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars introduces us to a fantastic world, Ulv, and a heroic 12-year-old protagonist, Bo. Every night, Ulv is cloaked in Darkness and Bo is given the monumental task of freeing the land of its curse by returning the Stars to the sky. He is accompanied by a slew of captivating supporting characters, including his pet fox Nix, a girl named Selene, and Tam, a bird-woman who has vowed to protect Bo at all costs. A maleficent wolf and an evil witch throw plenty of obstacles at their escapade. There is more than meets the eye to this story, with added motivation for the quest: Bo’s own hardship drives him to fulfil his journey so he is afforded a wish of his own. The Boy, the Wolf and the Stars is a bittersweet tale filled with hope, longing and allegory, an irresistible combination that crescendos to a stunning conclusion.

Karys McEwen is the library manager at Prahran and Richmond High School and the president of the CBCA VIC Branch.


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