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New parliamentary inquiry into Covid-19 impact on arts

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts will report on Australia’s cultural and creative industries and the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sector in a new parliamentary inquiry.

Committee chair David Gillespie said ‘Australia’s cultural and creative industries are at a point of significant change as Australia adapts to life in a pandemic’ and encourages ‘anyone within the arts community to make a submission or participate in the online survey’.

Within its terms of reference, the committee will consider: ‘The direct and indirect economic benefits and employment opportunities of creative and cultural industries and how to recognise, measure and grow them; the non-economic benefits that enhance community, social wellbeing and promoting Australia’s national identity, and how to recognise, measure and grow them; the best mechanism for ensuring cooperation and delivery of policy between layers of government; the impact of Covid-19 on the creative and cultural industries; and venues for increasing access and opportunities for Australia’s creative and cultural industries through innovation and the digital environment.’

The Australian Publishers Association will prepare a submission ‘on the benefits of books and publishing to Australia’s cultural, social and economic wellbeing’.

For more information, visit the Parliament of Australia website.


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