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A Human for Kingsley (Gabriel Evans, Little Hare)

Kingsley, a dog who has decided to own a human, sets off on a journey to find just the right one. The problem is, there are so many humans to choose from. Gabriel Evans’s A Human for Kingsley is an adorable, lighthearted story of responsibility, compromise and making decisions. Making his way through busy city streets, Kingsley tries out a selection of humans only to find them ungrateful, too bossy, too fast or too loud. Except one. This little human may be noisy, but Kingsley is intrigued by her—‘perplexing habits’ and all. However, he still faces a conundrum—is this the right human for him? The combination of Evans’s action-packed drawings of a dog on a mission and short, sharp language, reflective of a curious dog’s thoughts, works brilliantly to emanate humour, warmth and wonderment. Against a background of pastel primary colours etched with soft pencils, a dark-haired Kingsley (and his human friend) takes centre stage among the bustle of illustrated vignettes showcasing his whimsical quest. A Human for Kingsley leads the reader on a playful journey of finding friendship and understanding reciprocity. This is a funny and thoughtful story that preschool-aged children will simply adore.

Romi Sharp is a picture book writer and digital marketer for children’s authors and publishers.



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