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Sardines and the Angel

A vintage children’s story written and illustrated by Bettina Ehrlich.

Miss Patricia Higgins’ painting holiday in a picturesque Italian fishing village isn’t going according to plan. As soon as her easel is set up, the local children gather around asking her to paint their portraits. Hoping to avoid the crowds, Miss Higgins goes out very early one morning. This time she encounters only one child, Arturo ‘Sardines’ Camuffo, who says that he doesn’t want a portrait of himself. He’d rather Miss Higgins painted a picture of his friend, the bronze angel sitting atop the church spire. How does the son of a poor local fisherman become friends with a huge statue of an angel? For the price of three ice cream cones, Miss Higgins is about to find out.

Sardines and the Angel
Author: Bettina Ehrlich
Publisher: For Pity Sake Publishing
Rights held for book: World
Contact: Jennifer McDonald
Website: For Pity Sake Publishing


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