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Sharjah Book Authority launches pro-reading campaign

In the United Arab Emirates, the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has launched a new pro-reading campaign with the slogan ‘If you’re into something, you’re into books’, reports Publishing Perspectives.

The campaign, which launched on 15 August, features signage across Sharjah and in several Arab cities, as well as social media outreach and videos, one of which had over 400,000 views in its first three days.

Sharjah Book Authority chair Ahmed Al Ameri said, ‘we want more diversity, and more books and more readers in every field’. ‘There are no people who were born with books in their hands,’ Al Ameri said. ‘But people with varied interests become lifelong readers when they find that one, certain book, the one that means something to them. And this sums up our message: that for every passion, hobby, or interest, for anything in life … there’s a book.’

Enjoyment of books isn’t ‘limited to those interested in novels, poetry, research, and studies despite the great importance of these topics,’ the SBA said. ‘Reading is for all topics and about various interests, no matter how large or small—to confirm that those interested in sports, music, cycling, video games, fashion, and other various fields and interests … They are really interested in books and they just have to find the right book that’s fun for them.’

In Sharjah, the campaign is carrying QR codes that offer book discounts of up to 50%.


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