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Nice and Slow (Sarah Ayoub, illus by Mimi Purnell, HarperCollins)

With the soothing sensation of a lullaby, Nice and Slow lulls its young audience into a peaceful state of mindfulness, joy and creativity, while encapsulating the importance of quality time with loved ones. Sarah Ayoub and Mimi Purnell, the perfect pairing behind The Love That Grew, share a much-needed remedy: taking a step back from our busy everyday lives to engage with the love, warmth and familiarity of the activities that surround us. Toddlers and preschoolers will delight in the soft and tender glow of the home; the muted oranges and greens of Purnell’s airbrushed textures beautifully represent comfort and nature. The illustrations are filled with lively patterns and details that offer readers connection and exploration in their own worlds. Together with Ayoub’s lilting rhyme, the spirit of ‘rediscovering’ family and the simplicity in mindful moments shine across the pages. From favourite breakfasts, cloud-watching, musical capers and enjoying the beauty of nature to pets, treasured toys, going ‘screen-free, books and other curious pursuits, this picture book is a gift to our bodies, minds and souls—’In going nice and slow, we can restart the joy of living within our hearts.’ Nice and Slow is the ultimate tribute to sparking positive energy by slowing down, ideal for every family.

Romi Sharp is a picture book writer and digital marketer for children’s authors and publishers.


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