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The Hush (Skye Melki-Wegner, Random House)

In a world where Music is the fabric of reality, none but those trained by the elite Conservatorium are allowed to touch the Song (the life force of everything). Travelling musician, Chester, is too poor to attend the Conservatorium but plays the fiddle to earn a living while searching for his missing father. When Chester accidentally connects to the Song, he’s facing execution, until rescued by the notorious Nightfall Gang and taken through his dimension into the Hush—a parallel world of twisted shadow and song. Helping the gang plan their biggest heist yet, the infiltration of the Conservatorium seems to be Chester’s only chance to save his father. However, if he hopes to succeed he must learn to harness the Song, and to trust. The Hush is a fun and accessible novel that uses music to explore the dangers of greed and the interconnectedness of everything. Skye Melki-Wegner’s characters are diverse and likable (though sometimes predictable) and her descriptions of music are both original and beautiful. Melbourne-born Melki-Wegner penned the popular ‘Chasing the Valley’ trilogy. The Hush, her first standalone novel, is strong recommendation for fans of YA adventure/fantasy.   


Romy Bradbeer manages the Younger Sun Bookshop in Melbourne


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