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International library news

US libraries concerned about lack of Kindle ebook titles through OverDrive

A number of US libraries have expressed concern that the majority of new ebook titles from library supplier OverDrive are not available in Kindle format, report Goodereader. OverDrive is the only library supplier currently offering ebooks in Kindle format in the US. Goodereader reports that among the hundreds of newly released titles in 2015, only 51 are compatible with Kindle and all of those are from small presses rather than major publishers. OverDrive director of marketing and communication David Burleigh told Goodereader: ‘Almost all of our ebooks are (or will be) compatible with Kindle. We’re aware of delays in availability for some new titles and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.’

UK authors call for PLR to be applied to ‘remote eloans’

In the UK, authors have called for Public Lending Rights (PLR) to be extended to all ebook loans from public libraries, including ‘remote eloans’, reports the Bookseller. From 2015, PLR will be extended to ebook and audio loans made via portable devices on library premises, but not if ebooks are loaned remotely. Author and chair of the PLR advisory committee, Tracy Chevalier, said: ‘No one goes to the library to download an ebook—it is done from home, or elsewhere. I suspect ebooks will be loaned more and more, and authors shouldn’t lose out because a loan is “e” rather than “p”.’ The Indendent Library Report for England, released in December 2014, recommended that EU and UK copyright legislation, which currently prevents the extension of PLR to remote eloans, be changed during the next legislative term. A spokesperson for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport told the Bookseller: ‘The government believes the EU copyright framework should be reviewed to support e-lending initiatives, of which government is broadly supportive, provided rightsholders are remunerated.’


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