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The Landing (Susan Johnson, A&U)

The Landing is a boutique Queensland suburb full of summer houses for the financially comfortable with all their associated dramas. After his wife leaves him for a woman, Jonathan Lott returns to The Landing with a heavy heart, lonely and searching for a new love. Could he find it here? Anna, a neighbour’s beautiful daughter, appears on her father’s doorstep, a string of failed marriages behind her and nothing ahead. Divorced art teacher Penny becomes a temporary carer for her French mother, whose horrible attitude affords her very little care or sympathy. Marie’s aloof behaviour is gradually explored as her tragic past is revealed. The supporting cast are a stereotypical snapshot of Australian suburbia; philandering husbands, racism, drug abuse and gossip. Susan Johnson writes with wit and grace, touching on the nature of what it is to love and be loved. This is an enjoyable novel, perfect for those who enjoy family dramas with a bit more depth, such as those by Fiona McIntosh or Monica McInerney.

Louise Fay is the special orders manager at Dymocks Adelaide


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