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The Answer (Allan & Barbara Pease, Harlequin)

Body language and relationship experts Allan and Barbara Pease have sold over 20 million copies worldwide of their previous titles Why Men Don’t Listen and Woman Can’t Read Road Maps and The Definitive Book of Body Language. They’re on to another winner with The Answer, which takes well-known techniques such as visualisation, affirmation and mindfulness and validates them through neurophysiology, statistics and personal accounts. Their premise is that the choices we make as adults will alter our future. While none of this is ground-breaking, the language and format has the effect of putting the reader through a motivational boot camp: queries are ‘answered’, hesitation quashed and personal accounts championed. The authors also offer personal accounts of how they implemented their advice to overcome serious physical, mental and monetary issues, which adds a sense of credibility. However, some of their examples feel too simplistic, particularly regarding their advice on dealing with a mental disorder or living in a violent situation. Overall, the strategies and principles in the book can be applied to a variety of business and personal situations, which will appeal to a wide readership.

Sherri Kalow is a bookseller at Watermark Books at Melbourne Airport


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