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Battle Royale: The Selwood Boys Book One (Tony Wilson, ABC Books)

Footy fans will love ‘The Selwood Boys’. The series kicks off with great characters and fast-paced game-play, making it the perfect suggestion for readers of Specky Magee and Crawf’s Kick It to Nick. Battle Royale introduces the four Selwood kids, all dreaming of one day playing in the MCG. Troy, Adam, Joel and Scott Selwood have become AFL stars in their own right, and writer Tony Wilson has done a fantastic job of bringing the reader back to where it all began. A former footy player himself, Wilson has crafted an underdog story, and it’s compelling to read. Football provides a backdrop for themes of bullying, rivalry, discipline and patience. With the added fun of the Selwood boys’ cheeky hijinks, the series will easily appeal to footy-mad kids, no matter what team they barrack for. Although it’s very much a boy’s world in the first book, there is a heart-warming feeling of camaraderie and community that makes it a fantastic tale for all young readers, aged seven and up, with a love for the game.

Suzanne Garcia is a bookseller at Mary Martin Bookshop Melbourne


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